Janet Jackson Joining The X-Factor?

February 17, 2012 By:
Janet Jackson Joining The X-Factor?

The rumors of possible X-Factor judges is getting so out of hand, that at this point, President Obama is joining the X-Factor. Also the Muppets, Donald Trump, and Bachelor Ben Flajnik...they're all joining the judging panel of X-Factor. I'm kidding.

However, this rumor about Janet Jackson might be true. Janet is set to make an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s show on Monday and in this teaser clip from the show, Janet Jackson starts blushing and giggling like a little school girl when Anderson asks if she’s going to become the newest X-Factor judge.

Basically, it’s obvious that Janet has something to hide.

Anderson asked her the question before Janet stumbled over her words and squealed out an “Oh my God.”

She finally composed herself before saying, “No I’m not a judge on The X Factor,” to which Anderson clarifies, “You’re not currently a judge?” and she, still giggling, says “No, I am not…but that’s all I really think I should say.”

Yep, she’s a judge. You heard it here. I could tell she meant “yes” by the way she said “no.”

Janet is just next in line in a slew of A-List artist rumored to be joining the show. Mariah Carey was thrown in the mix, but her husband Nick Cannon said Mariah would never do a show like that.

Katy Perry was rumored to have joined the show, but honestly that would ensure she never has a career as a singer again…once you sit into one of those comfy judges chair, your career never really bounces back. Paula Abdul anyone?