Jaime Pressly Gets a Boob Job

May 10, 2010 By:
Jaime Pressly Gets a Boob Job

Fake boobies are the new black! Jaime Pressly reportedly went under the knife and made her cha-cha's bigger [again] about three weeks ago.

"They look amazing!" the insider tells Us Weekly of the former My Name Is Earl star, who was also rumored to have had a breast augmentation in 2004.

Her manager had no comment, but recent photos of her speak for themselves.

Kate Hudson Gets a Boob Job

Jaime's not the only star to undergo breast augmentation. Kate Hudson recently made headlines after enhancing her boobies. And who could forget Heidi Montag's huge transformation?!

As long as their "enhancement" is done in good taste, we're all for it. But undergoing ten procedures in one day and looking like a burnt plastic doll is always a no-no!