Uncle Willy Strikes Again!

February 29, 2008 By:
Uncle Willy Strikes Again!

Uncle Willy is back! Britney Spears’ big-mouthed uncle is speaking to the press again. Willy says that Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy was an accident just like Jamie Lynn herself.

According to Uncle Willy, Jamie Spears had gotten a vasectomy after Lynne gave birth to Britney. Soo, where Jamie Lynn came from is sort of a mystery.

Jamie initially got pissed and demanded a DNA test, which later proved that he was in fact the father of the baby.

Uncle Willy says: "That's why they named her Jamie Lynn, to kind of make the point that she was from both of them."

Someone should put Uncle Willy on check! That’s some personal info he’s releasing to the public. On a side note, does this mean that vasectomies are not 99.9 percent effective or is Jamie Spears the .1 percent?