Lynne Spears Keeps Her End Of The Bargain

July 11, 2008 By:
Lynne Spears Keeps Her End Of The Bargain

A part of the OK! Magazine deal with Jamie Lynn Spears must have included Lynne Spears as well because she just opened up to OK! about her daughter’s pregnancy. It’s not really that interesting. It’s actually quite a snoozer, but you be the judge.

Below are some tidbits from the interview:

How proud are you of the way Jamie Lynn handled the pregnancy? She’s been totally responsible. She is an old soul and very wise at such a young age.

As she was getting closer to her due date, what were your biggest concerns for her?
We have a history of difficult labors, and I didn’t want her to be terrified and never want to have another baby because mine were traumatic. I really worried about that, but my goodness, she just flew right on through it.

Describe that first moment when you saw Jamie Lynn, Maddie and Casey together.Oh, my god. That is one of your most precious moments ever. Just that sight. It is indescribable.

What kind of mom is Jamie Lynn going to be? A very good mom. She’s warm and nurturing. And the most fun time will be when she’s the soccer mom, the carpool mom. That was the most fun I had as a mother.

?You don’t live very far away from Jamie Lynn. Are you planning to babysit? It’s too soon for that yet with an itty-bitty baby, but I’ll go over as often as she wants and help with the dishes or the laundry. I’m always ready for my phone call.