Casey Aldridge Hospitalized After Car Wreck

April 26, 2009 By:
Casey Aldridge Hospitalized After Car Wreck

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend Casey Aldridge has been hospitalized after being injured in a car accident Saturday night. According to People, Aldridge has been charged with a misdemeanor for careless operation of a vehicle.

A family source tells People Aldridge has "a cracked skull" and has been " in and out" of consciousness. However, the source says: "It's not as serious as we thought at first."

The accident occurred at 1:30AM Sunday. Casey was driving his Ford F-250 pickup truck from his cousin's bachelor party towards Lake Bruin in Parish, Louisiana.

He had several passengers in the car with him when the truck went off the shoulder and flipped over. Casey and his friends had reportedly wanted to go crabbing at the lake.

Jamie Lynn is reportedly at Casey's side at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, along with Casey's sister. The staff at the hospital would not confirm any further details.