Jamie Foxx Gets Into Fist Fight at Usher Concert

February 11, 2011 By:
Jamie Foxx Gets Into Fist Fight at Usher Concert

Jamie Foxx found himself in a small scuffle at last night’s Usher show in Hollywood. Which brings to question, how does one get into a fight during Usher show? When I think Usher, I think relaxed, smooth melodies. This ain’t a Geto Boys concert! It’s not a Gwar show! So what happened?

According to TMZ, someone in the audience took a “pot shot” at Jamie, and pretty soon, fists started flying before security broke up the fight.

After the show, Jamie didn’t appear to be hurt, as he walked to his car surrounded by security guards. Damien Dante Wayans, the nephew of Damon and Keenan Ivory, witnessed the fight and said it was just “a little altercation…between two friends.”

When I have an altercation with my friends, it usually just involves some passive aggressive comments and the cold shoulder. But I guess punching is cool, too.