Jamie Foxx Fights Off Hotel Room Intruder

April 2, 2009 By:
Jamie Foxx Fights Off Hotel Room Intruder

Jamie Foxx was recently the victim of an intruder while he was staying at a hotel in Philadelphia.

Jamie was staying there last week when a man forced his way into his room at the AKA Hotel. The man claimed to be Beyonce’s producer.

TMZ reports that Jamie knew something was sketchy when the guy quickly tried to push his way inside the room.

Jamie then physically pushed the guy out and slammed the door. The man initially fled the scene, but decided not to vacate the area completely.

He was spotted by Jamie’s private security today a few blocks away from the hotel. He was arrested for burglary, criminal threats, stalking, false imprisonment, and harassment.

What’s with all the weirdos stalking celebrities lately? Jamie is smart to travel with bodyguards because who knows when something crazy like that can happen.