Things Every Lady Should Know About Jamie Dornan

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Things Every Lady Should Know About Jamie Dornan
Image By: Calvin Klein

This is Jamie Dornan.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

He’s a hottie with a bottie (body).

Calvin Klein


He’s also playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.


But you probably already knew that…


BUT did you know Jamie Dornan used to date Keira Knightley?


They dated from 2003 to 2005, before he ever landed an acting role.


He was JUST a Calvin Klein model at the time.

Calvin Klein

Poor. Unsexy. Calvin Klein model.


In 2013, he married his wife Amelia Warner.

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Amelia was once in a movie with Paris Hilton called Nine Lives.



She was also “married” to Colin Farrell for a second.


Wait, what? She dated Colin Farrell in 2001 and they had a marriage ceremony on a beach in Tahiti, but apparently it wasn’t a legally binding wedding.


Now she and Jamie Dornan have a child together.



Jamie Dornan USED to be a semi-professional rugby player in Northern Ireland.


And rugby is a seriously sexy sport.


Jamie looks like THIS in a turtleneck.



And he looks like this in his underwear.

Calvin Klein


He plays a serial killer on the hit British show “The Fall.”


It’s mostly creepy because he’s so attractive, but he’s like…a murderer.


He was also in a folk band called Sons of Jim.



But the most important thing that all ladies should know about Jamie Dornan is…

Calvin Klein