Jamie Dornan Will Go Full-Frontal in ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie

December 12, 2013 By:
Jamie Dornan Will Go Full-Frontal in ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie
Image By: FameFlyNet

Well, well, well. 

Looks like the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to be as raunchy as it’s fans are hoping for.

Star magazine is reporting that Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey, is going full-frontal and isn’t fazed by it AT ALL.

Once the studio decided that the female lead Dakota Johnson would be fully naked in the film, they were like, "Uh, are we not feminists?" And then decided Jamie should be nekkid too.

Besides, this movie is for the FEMALE FANS, why do we care about Dakota’s lady bits? Bring on the full-frontal dude-ity! Did you see what we did there? Nudity/dude-ity.

“Fifty Shades of Grey producers know they have to make the screen version just as steamy as the novel to make it a success,” a source told the mag. “They can’t turn it into a Disney movie.”