James Marsden Knocks Up Ford Model

June 22, 2012 By:
James Marsden Knocks Up Ford Model

I think it is possible for James Marsden’s piercing blue eyes to get anyone pregnant simply from prolonged eye contact.

It seems like that has happened to a Brazilian model named Rosa Costa.

After a one-night stand with Marsden, who most recently played Tina Fey’s boyfriend on “30 Rock,” the Ford model has announced she’s pregnant with Marsden’s illegitimate child.

This is every woman’s worst fear, to have a baby from a one-night stand, but in this case, the baby daddy is super-hot-omg-those-blue-eyes- James Marsden, so I’m guessing that the custody battle is going to be pretty nice on the eyes.

Here’s the backstory. Rosa Costa is a 24-year-old model signed to the Ford agency. She was dating this actor guy named Chris Santos who looks eerily identical to Marsden. Anyway, Costa and Santos broke up. Around the same time, Marsden broke up with his wife of 11 years Lisa Linde (and mother to his two children, mind you).

Flash forward a couple months and Marsden is staying in Miami for whatever reasons and is fresh off his divorce. Costa has to fly to Brazil to renew her visa and has a two-day layover Miami. They were there at the same time and apparently spent the night together. And that’s how babies are made.

Apparently Costa’s former boyfriend is “heartbroken.” Even though Costa and Santos (remember her ex that looks like Marsden?) were broken up, it seems more like an on-again off-again type deal. After “One Night In Miami,” Costa had to explain things to Santos.

“She confessed everything. She told him they hooked up one night, one time,” a source tells the NY Post. Immediately after, she and Santos broke up and she moved out. Though a different source says they had been broken up for months. However, none of this is as important as the fact that Marsden knocked up a random chick during a two-day layover in Miami.

Also, Costa is reportedly three months pregnant and is keeping the child.