Oscar Losers To Be Launched Into Space

February 28, 2011 By:
Oscar Losers To Be Launched Into Space

Looks like James Franco won’t be the only spaced out celebrity who attended the Oscars.

Among other luxuries included in the legendary Oscar consolation gift bag, was a $200,000 orbital space flight from Virgin Galactic. They also got a four-night stay at an underwater spa in the Maldives. It seriously paid to lose this year.

According to People, the bag also included:

-Black caviar eye and neck cream from J. Holly International. (And for only $200, you can rub egg fetus all over your face, too!)

-A $4,850 one-week “fitness and weight loss” retreat. Sounds like a miserable way to spend five grand.

-Crystal-embellished electronic cigarettes, $100.

-$20 “Shimmer” toilet paper roll, so they can TP the houses of the winners in style.

-From APrivateIsland.com, the use of a private island for five days. Hopefully Charlie and his “goddesses” won’t be there.

That's some serious swag!