James Franco Shunned By Former UCLA Classmates

March 19, 2009 By:
James Franco Shunned By Former UCLA Classmates

James Franco graduated from UCLA last year with a degree in English, but that apparently doesn’t mean squat to his former classmates!

James has been invited back to campus to speak at the 2009 commencement ceremonies for the College of Letters and Sciences. Most people would be excited to be in the presence of a movie star, but many UCLA kids are protesting.

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, the student body has organized a page dedicated to recalling James’ speaker duties for the big day. A statement on the Facebook page reads:

“James Franco has been chosen as the speaker for the College of Letters and Sciences Commencement Ceremony for 2009. Clearly, this is ridiculous. Anyone who has been in his classes knows he is an average student at UCLA.

"This is an accomplishment while working in his industry, but he is our academic peer, which makes him an inappropriate choice for a keynote speaker. His academic experiences are too limited thus far to provide him with the wisdom and perspective such a speaker is meant to provide to graduates,” the group wrote on the social networking Web site.

Adding, “Furthermore, we have worked hard as academics for four years: his successes are (thus far) completely irrelevant to that!”

We have an idea to add to their cause! Throw up that picture taken of James recently snoozing through a lecture last week at Columbia, where he’s currently enrolled in grad school. If that’s any indication of his academic prowess, we’ll have to go ahead and agree with the disgruntled students.