James Franco To Host Strange New TV Show

August 22, 2013 By:
James Franco To Host Strange New TV Show

Walking art installation James Franco will have his own TV series this fall.

The new series to premiere on Ovation (“America’s only Arts network”) is called “James Franco Presents” and will be exactly that: James Franco presenting stuff, mostly his thoughts on art, artists, the industry, and just damn near “everything,” according to this actor’s Instagram announcing the news.

“This is a show where content dictates form and form dictates content,” the actor said in a media release. “It is an art show that is an art piece, meaning the show has synched with the rhythms of my life and work.”

Editing together “thousands of hours” of James’ personal video archives, including “video diaries, footage from his ambitious art films, and interactions with his heroes from every artistic genre.”

Sounds trippy?



All the above?

What is it?