First Photos of James Franco as Hugh Hefner

January 27, 2012 By:
First Photos of James Franco as Hugh Hefner

James Franco has been caught on the set of the new porn biopic “Lovelace” dressed as Hugh Hefner. And I hate to admit it, but Franco looks good as a young Hugh Hefner.

I can’t imagine a time where Hugh Hefner didn’t look grandpa-ish in a captain hat, but Franco is proving that Hugh used to be an attractive guy.

Franco got his curly hair flat ironed and brushed into a comb-over and is wearing what looks like a velour shirt, unbuttoned, a with a 70’s inspired swirl design.

Franco’s role in the flick is just a cameo, for a scene where Amanda Seyfried’s character visits the Playboy mansion.

In other James Franco news, and also because I like searching for excuses to talk about James Franco, he’s produced a new webseries called “Undergrads” and premiered a trailer recently.

The show follows the lives of several USC undergrads in the style of “True-Life” or those other documentary style shows where the cast members don’t get their make-up done or benefit from Kardashian style good lighting.

The show portrays a bunch of drunk 19-22 year olds as they play drunk twister, field a frat party for potential “friends with benefits” and paint their bodies in the traditional USC red and gold colors.

The show has the potential to be delightfully trashy but also makes perfect sense that James Franco would be producing this show mostly because he’s been to like 10 different colleges and probably hooks up with college girls on the regular. Let’s be real.