Everyone Hates James Franco

July 31, 2011 By:
Everyone Hates James Franco

For some reason, everyone hates James Franco.

In an interview with Playboy magazine recently, Franco said he thinks critics aren’t going to like “Rise of the Planet of Apes” and he assumes they are going to make Franco take the blame, “Critics will be out to kill this movie and blame me for it just because they are out to kill me. Last year people were pretty nice. This is the year when people are going to have fun going after me,” says Franco.

Hollyscoop caught up with Franco at the films premiere and asked him to clarify what he meant when he predicted that critics would hate on him in this film, “No, I just mean there are people who have it out for me for other things. They see me do this movie but really it’s about something else,” he tells us.

So what are those “other things” that critics can’t stand about Franco?

Well, the Franco resentment essentially began when he hosted the Oscars and his hosting stint was dubbed by critics and viewers as one of the worst hosts of the Oscars ever.

The Hollywood reporter claimed that “The 83rd Annual Academy Awards will likely be remembered as the night James Franco couldn’t act like a host.”
Moviefone simply wrote, “Franco flopped.”

Then people started hating him for such seemingly innocuous things like twitter updates.

A journalist at Yale Daily News wrote in an article while Franco was currently a student at Yale, “James Franco, your Twitter sort of sucks.”

There are Huffington Post writers who have devoted entire articles to why they hate James Franco. Seriously.

Poor Franco, he just can’t catch a break. I guess everyone’s just jealous that he attended every ivy-league east coast school at the same time while still managing to film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and still maintained the following professions as actor/writer/slam poet/professor/firefighter/dog catcher/circus clown whatever.