7 Celebs that Went to Ivy League schools

April 14, 2012 By:
7 Celebs that Went to Ivy League schools

Most famous faces went to the school of looking-pretty-talking-good, but some of your favorite TV stars actually graduated from real life Ivy League schools.

I’m talking the same schools that Barack Obama and Bill Gates attended. From James Franco going to like 7 different schools to all the Hollywood Harvard alum, here are the top celebrity Ivy League grads.

James Franco: Franco has been to more universities than the average human spends years total in school. Franco’s Ivy League stint was Yale, where he got his doctorate in English. No idea if he’s graduated yet, but he he’s going to like 5 different schools right now. Sometimes more isn’t always more, James Franco.

John Krasinski: America’s boyfriend, John Krasinski, went to Brown University where he was a theater major. He actually took a year off between high school and college to teach English in Costa Rica.

Julia Stiles: Julia Stiles went to Columbia University while she still famous. She pulled a Dakota Fanning, meaning she was famous and then went to college in one of those, “I want a normal college experience” kind of things. She also reportedly set her dorm kitchen on fire once. Blame wikipedia if that information is false.

Conan O’Brien: Conan went to Harvard University in 1985 and wrote for the famous humor magazine, The Harvard Lampoon. Conan was just one of several famous faces that attended Harvard.

Matt Damon: Matt Damon went to Harvard as an English major, but ended up dropping out because he was missing class so much to go on auditions.

Natalie Portman: Natalie Portman also graduated from Harvard in 2003 as another young actress who got famous, took a break to go to college, and then resumed being famous again once she graduated. She actually advised the filmmakers on “The Social Network” what social clubs at Harvard were actually like.

BJ Novak: Oh boy, another Harvard graduate. BJ Novak is best known as Ryan Howard on “The Office” alongside other Ivy Leaguer John Krasinski. Ok, at this point, I’m just starting to believe that Hollywood likes hiring Harvard grads.

Brooke Shields: The model/actress Brooke Shields graduated from Princeton University in 1987. I’m not saying I’m surprised, but a model? From Princeton? She was in “The Blue Lagoon!” C’mon!

Elizabeth Banks: Elizabeth Banks is now in the hugely popular “Hunger Games” trilogy as Effie Trinket and made a name for herself ever since, “Wet Hot American Summer,” but before all that she was a sorority sister at the University of Pennsylvania.