Vienna: I Know How to Take Care of Jake

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Vienna: I Know How to Take Care of Jake

The Bachelor winner Jake Pavelka and his fiancee Vienna Girardi have been inseparable since the finale of the show. Jake is busy with Dancing with the Stars, but Vienna has been right there by his side every step of the way.

Hollyscoop caught up with the lovebirds at Mark Ballas' performance of his new album at the Mint in LA. And we saw firsthand that these two are in love!

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"I pick him up and drop him off at practice. I take care of him," Vienna told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY. And Jake told us he doesn't get nervous to see Vienna watching him in the audience. He told us, "I’m glad she is there, it helps keep me calm. I can hear someone cheering."

Vienna added, "I blow kisses at him."

Talk about an "AWWW" moment! The reality show couple has dealt with their fair share of public criticism since they became engaged on The Bachelor. But Jake says they try and ignore most of it. He said, "We end up hearing about most of it. You have the bad and you have the great. You don’t let the bad get you down and you don’t let the great get you pumped up. You just stay grounded. Fame is not real, so you really have to stay grounded."

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As for the next step, Jake and Vienna are slowly starting to think about wedding plans. Vienna wouldn't give us any details, but she did say, "We are still talking about ideas together."

Our bet is that it's televised! But aren't all of the Bachelor/Bachelorette weddings these days?!