The Bachelor Denies Cheating on Vienna

March 4, 2010 By:
The Bachelor Denies Cheating on Vienna

The world has known who Bachelor
Jake Pavelka
picked to be his fiancée for less than a week, and the couple is already embroiled in controversy. Welcome to the entertainment biz!

Radar Online reported this week that when Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend came forward saying she’d hooked up with him since he proposed to Vienna. She also says their relationship was put on hold when Jake got picked as The Bachelor.

She says he contacted her the day after filming wrapped on the show, saying the 25 women he was with on the show, including Vienna, meant nothing to him. She says he even used the “L” word.

Responding to the controversy, Jake tells ET his relationship with his ex was well over before the show, and that it “simply did not work out.”

"There was no overlap with that or any other relationship during the show," he continued. "It is unfortunate that people such as this are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna. I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are happy together."

Who do you believe?