Jake Pavelka Offered Nude Spread

June 30, 2010 By:
Jake Pavelka Offered Nude Spread

Want to see more of Jake Pavelka now that he’s single? Well, Playgirl seems to think people want to see his junk!

They’ve reportedly extended an offer to the former Bachelor to appear in their publication. Daniel Nardicio, vice president of marketing at Playgirl, tells Popeater, "We're determining the value of a shoot with Jake, who exemplifies our classic American guy at Playgirl. It's obvious he likes the limelight, and I intuit that he looks good naked.”

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He goes on to pretty much say the people Playgirl goes after are usually washed-up reality stars.

"Most people realize that reality show fame is fleeting and largely a dead end for the actors, so this is a way to extend that fame, and make a cute profit off of it,” Nardicio says, estimating that Jake will receive "definitely in the six figures, but just where in that range I am still determining."

"I have a lot of factors that I add together to figure out a model's worth," says Nardicio. "I guess like a cock calculator," he adds.

Can we all say it together?? EWWWWW!! But seriously, this guy’s right. Jake better accept his offer now while people still care about him, because we’ll be surprised if his acting career lasts any longer than his relationship to Vienna!