Jake Pavelka Forced Back into Flying

November 9, 2010 By:
Jake Pavelka Forced Back into Flying

Busted! Former bachelor/douche Jake Pavelka is back doing what he does average: fly planes.

After making a complete fool of himself by getting into a ridiculous televised fight with Vienna Girardi and calling off their engagement, Jake must have run out of money and decided to go back to being a pilot.

Sources tell Us Magazine Jake doesn’t want anyone to know he’s back being a normal citizen again.

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One passenger snitched, saying, "The flight attendant asked us not to tell anyone because he didn't want it to be known. When they announced our captain they just said, 'Your captain today is Jake'."

Another source saw him at the airport in Atlanta the other day. "His 15 minutes must really be up," the eyewitness said. "Because he is not only working, but on the weekend! Most pilots don't want those shifts!"

We’re surprised Delta gave him his job back that quick! He’s sort of an embarrassment to their company…they must be desperate for weekend flyers, like the source mentioned.

Jake mentioned recently that he wants to fly his new girlfriend all around the world…perhaps he’s practicing A few months off can make you a little rusty!

I wouldn’t want that dude as a pilot! He probably find some way to tell the passengers they were “undermining” him.