Jake Pavelka Addresses Gay Rumors

August 4, 2010 By:
Jake Pavelka Addresses Gay Rumors

Jake Pavelka's sexuality has been the topic of conversation since his ex Vienna Girardi suggested he may be bating for the other team.

But Jake is finally defending himself claiming he's not gay but blames their lack of sex on Vienna.

"There was a lack of intimacy because our problems were so heavy," Jake explained during a Wednesday appearance on The View. "I can't separate love and intimacy -- and apparently that makes me gay."

According to Us Weekly, when asked point blank whether he is gay, he said, "no, no," adding, "one of my best friends is gay. I can't see how someone can look at [Vienna] and find her not attractive."

After their split Vienna claimed they hadn't had sex in months and Jake would always make excuses for why they couldn't get it on.

"We haven't been intimate in months now," Vienna says. "More than four months. At first his excuse was that he was fasting. The second excuse was that he didn't feel like it. And the third excuse was that he said that he felt that I wouldn't understand that he wants to wait until marriage, even though I told him I'd support him. Then the last excuse was that we fight so much that I push him away. I was like, really -- which excuse is it? I literally have been living six months with this guy who won't be intimate with me!"

These two need to move on with their lives and stop talking about how much sex they weren't having. Are you tired of hearing about Jake and Vienna's non-existent sex life?