Jake: My Love Wasn't Enough for Vienna

June 22, 2010 By:
Jake: My Love Wasn't Enough for Vienna

Jake Pavelka is “saddened” over the fact that he’s back to being a bachelor.

TMZ cameras caught him outside at the airport, where he commented to photographers about the sudden split from his fiancée Vienna Girardi.

Did Vienna Cheat on Jake?

When asked if it was true that he and Vienna were splitting up, Jake replied, “Splitting up?? We’re split,” adding that it “was kind of a long story.”

He said all the hearsay about who broke up with whom “doesn’t really matter. I’m just saddened by the whole thing, but ya know, sometimes love isn’t enough in a relationship.”

Bachelor's Jake Pavelka is Done With Vienna!

Wow, zinger!!! The photog went even further to say Vienna had claimed Jake cared more about his fame than the relationship. A mopey Jake replied, “I’m not even going to comment on that.”

Despite all the drama right now, Jake still wants to keep in contact with Vienna. He says he’s even talked to her since the news broke. “Of course,” said Jake. “No matter what happens, Vienna and I will remain friends, no matter what happens.”

Wonder if he’s secretly wishing he picked Tenley now…