Jake the Bachelor Talks Wedding and Babies!

June 9, 2010 By:
Jake the Bachelor Talks Wedding and Babies!

Jake Pavelka is on top of the world! He found the girl of his dreams on The Bachelor, went straight into competing on Dancing With the Stars, and now gets to focus on his upcoming wedding to Vienna Girardi.

Hollyscoop got some EXCLUSIVE one-on-one time with Jake at the infamous Anto in Beverly Hills, the shirt maker who has dressed countless A-list stars, like Frank Sinatra and Brad Pitt!

We picked great timing for Jake to try on custom-fitted shirt—not only because he’s preparing to walk down the aisle, but because he just lost a ton of weight on DWTS!

Jake’s already a fit guy, so you can imagine our astonishment when he told us, “I started out at 184 and now I’m 170. I actually lost almost a half an inch from my neck alone.”

Wowzers! He continued, “I was almost 4 ½ percent body fat after Dancing with the Stars--its crazy. You can’t eat. I’m used to eating six times a day and there is not enough time when you are rehearsing six to ten hours a day. You have to rehearse.”

And rehearse he did! Jake’s all ready for his first dance with his wife-to-be Vienna. “I’m kind of picturing a Jive,” he joked. “Don’t you Jive when you get married? Isn’t that the thing you do?”

And speaking of weddings, Jake was hesitant to tell us too much about his own nuptials, saying, “What’s the rush? I found the right girl, the perfect girl. We are moving forward. If she sees something she wants, I tell her to write it down and so she doesn’t forget. ‘It’s fine if you want a 12- foot wedding cake.’”

He and Vienna plan on bouncing between Dallas (where he’s from) and LA before committing to a location—and that should be pretty easy, considering he’s a pilot! “No matter what happens I will always fly airplanes,” he explained.

“That is a passion, that is a love of mine...I am not going to sell my home in Dallas home but we have a place here in Los Angeles. We are going back and forward and looking at some different offers and seeing if anything makes sense.”

After the wedding, Vienna is seeing babies—lots of ‘em—but Jake just sees dollar signs. He told us he’s father to “none that I know about right now.”

He added, “You want to know something funny? A friend of mine called me the other day and was delighted to tell me, Vienna wants four kids. He told me for a middle class income family the average cost from one to 18 excluding college is almost $400,000!”

He’d better start saving now! We know there’s a “curse” affiliated with the former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, but Jake and Vienna seem like such a down-to-earth couple! It’s especially refreshing that they’re not rushing down the aisle in a televised ABC wedding! We wish them luck in the future…and with all those babies!