Jake and Vienna Reunite...for Cameras

June 25, 2010 By:
Jake and Vienna Reunite...for Cameras

Drama! Publicity hungry Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his ex-fiancé Vienna Girardi
reunited for the first time yesterday for a two year ABC taping since announcing their split earlier this week.

Jake vs. Vienna: Publicity Stunt or Real Break Up?

They both arrived separately to a studio to talk about their split on camera for a The Bachelorette special episode, which will air on July 5.

Apparently things got really heated during the taping. Vienna wouldn't let Jake finish any of his sentences without interrupting and at one point Jake reportedly raised his fist at her, which he's of course denying.

In a statement, a Bachelor show rep told Us Weekly: “Former The Bachelor participants Jake and Vienna taped an interview last night. As this was the first time the two had seen one another since their recent breakup, the atmosphere was emotionally charged. However, and contrary to reports that have surfaced about the interview, at no time was anyone ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.”

Jake Broke Up with Vienna By Phone

A source on set said Vienna was being very difficult during the shoot. "He couldn't get a word out -- it was very reflective of their relationship," says the source, who adds that host Chris Harrison often had to tell her, "Vienna, let him talk."

"Vienna was on the defense," the source tells Us. "She was trying to play victim." She ended up storming off the set in tears.

These two are just as fame hungry as Heidi and Spencer. We wouldn't be surprised if the split is a big fake PR stunt. What do you guys think?