Evan Lysacek Surprised By Jake & Vienna Split: "We Were Just Together!"

June 25, 2010 By:
Evan Lysacek Surprised By Jake & Vienna Split:

If Jake Pavelka and his fiancé Vienna Girardi really did split over a month ago, they were doing a great job of being a fake couple.

Jake's Dancing With the Stars co-star Evan Lysacek was surprised to hear about their very public breakup because they were all in Las Vegas together just a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine.

Jake vs. Vienna: Publicity Stunt or Real Break-Up?

"I did not expect it, I'm definitely surprised by that," Evan told Hollyscoop exclusively at the Eclipse movie premiere at Nokia Live on Thursday. "They seemed like a very happy couple.

He continued, “I was just in Vegas with them a couple of weeks ago and didn't hear anything.”

Whether they split for publicity or because they truly can’t stand each other is a big mystery, but Evan’s sure they’ll both move on and be happy. “That happens to all of us and we all know how that goes. Its love and I'm sure they will both be just fine,” he added.

Jake Broke Up With Vienna By Phone

Just one day before announcing their split Vienna talked to Hollyscoop at the Jonah Hex premiere in Hollywood and she told us "everything is going pretty good," between them. But according to “insiders” they were already broken up.

So what’s the deal with these two? Did they break up for press? Are they faking it a la Heidi and Spencer? What are your thoughts?