Body Language Expert: Jake and Vienna Won't Last

March 2, 2010 By:
Body Language Expert: Jake and Vienna Won't Last

Over 14 million people tuned into The Bachelor season finale yesterday and the majority of those viewers were left disappointed when Jake Pavelka picked Vienna to be his girl.

Vienna, aka: "the girl no one likes," failed to win over fans hearts as well as Jake's family. "She touched me," said Jake's mother about Tenley. "I would be honored to have Tenley in the family. She is just such a sweetheart." His father even approved adding, "I met my future daughter-in-law today." But Jake didn't take his parents advice and went with Vienna instead.

So does Vienna have Jake's best intentions at heart, or was she just in it to win it? Sanjay Burman, Body Language Expert and Author of Reading People: A Master Hypno-therapist’s Guide to Understanding People, tells Hollyscoop exclusively that Jake is so infatuated with Vienna physically that he's unable to see through her mixed messages. Here's what Sanjay had to say:

“Last night’s Bachelor Finale was riddled with mixed messages and Jake is clearly not able to think beyond his physical infatuation for Vienna to see through these messages! There is peak physical attraction between the Vienna and Jake shown by the fact that they meet halfway when leaning in to kiss each other and both linger there comfortably while kissing, as opposed to how Tenley had to lean all the way in to Jake to kiss him.

"It’s a shame that Jake lets Mr. Willy do all the thinking for him because Tenley would be a loyal and genuine partner and it’s only a matter of time before Vienna shows her horns and tail. Further, when Vienna learns that Jake has chosen her over Tenley, it’s very clear in the way she smiles that she is more pleased by the fact that she’s beaten the other girls than she is excited to be with Jake.”

“To break it down further, Tenley’s sincerity is evidenced when she is talking with the family, sitting at the edge of her seat leaning toward them eager to show her sincerity. You can also see the sincerity in her eyes when she smiles.

"On the flip side, Vienna has little sincerity in her eyes when speaking to the parents and when talking about Jake. Her clenched hands show anger and fury towards the parents when they criticize her. There aren’t crow’s feet around her eyes and so I’d say it’s not genuine.

"Furthermore, Jake is embarrassed by the things Vienna says to the family shown by the way he looks down in her direction but not directly at her. But, again, Jake lets his physical attraction override all of these signs. When they embrace at the end it is clear that they are physically infatuated and want nothing more than to be together sexually at that moment. I would predict that this would last no more than 2 years if Jake actually marries her and if Vienna is able to hide her true colors much longer!”