Report: Olivia Wilde and Jake Gylenhaal Seen 'Getting Cozy' At Dinner

November 22, 2011 By:
Report: Olivia Wilde and Jake Gylenhaal Seen 'Getting Cozy' At Dinner

Hot couple alert! Olivia Wilde and--well, does it really matter? Olivia Wilde really makes any couple look hot. Pair Olivia Wilde with Danny DeVito, and they would be a hot couple just because of her. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.

But Olivia was reportedly spotted having dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal last night, and the two were "very cozy", according to The New York Post.

A source spotted the two at Cinatown Brasserie, where they were sitting next to each other at a table meant for eight people. Come on, guys. You're all over each other and yet you're taking up a table for eight? Get a table for one and call it a night.

Okay, actually, the couple was in a larger group, according to the witness:

"They were in a group but were very cozy with their chairs pulled close together."

Back in June, the two were spotted at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, but according to reps for both Olivia and Jake, they were just friends.

Wilde finalized her divorce from Tao Ruspoli in October, but ever since men got wind that she was back on the market, they started shopping. Since announcing her split in February, Olivia has been linked to Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.

When she was rumored to be dating Timberlake, who she stars with in the flick In Time, Olivia took to Twitter to dispel the reports:

"Cool it, honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years," the actress wrote.

Wilde recently made headlines when she stuck up for Kim Kardashian, who is going through her divorce, better known as Season 2 of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Olivia defended Kardashian, saying, "I empathize. It's not easy. It's the hardest thing in the world. People judge you because divorce is seen as failure. (Kim) took a risk. No one should be attacking her. Our attention should be focused on things that are truly scandalous."

This leads me to believe one thing: Olivia Wilde has no idea who Kim Kardashian is.

So what has Jake been up to lately? Well, trolling for women, apparently. According to a report, Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio showed up to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last week, where they were "trolling for models."

Although, to be fair, I'm pretty sure that's why all straight men go to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.