Jake Gyllenhaal Says New Role Changed His Life

September 18, 2012 By:
Jake Gyllenhaal Says New Role Changed His Life

Lock and load, Hollyscoopers… The latest action-packed on screen thriller has arrived.

End of Watch, the latest installment in Jake Gyllenhaal’s ever-increasing acting repertoire, arrives in theaters this weekend. In it, the actor plays a hunted LAPD officer that he not only rose to the challenge of, but also thoroughly enjoyed portraying.

Hollyscoop caught up with the Academy Award nominee at the Los Angeles premiere to get the scoop on what it was like playing a man in uniform… From the sounds of things, it was pretty epic.

“LAPD they are incredible professionals … It was amazing,” he said.

Jake prepared for the role for a grueling five and half months, working with actual LAPD officers, sheriffs and tech advisers.

But Jake’s training was no cakewalk…

“The first ride along I went on someone was murdered, stolen cars and domestic disputes, attempted murders… It changed my life,” he said, adding that he underwent strenuous fighting and live ammunition training.

The experience was so thrilling, in fact, that Jake admitted he couldn’t help fantasizing about taking the on screen role to real life, even if some of his advisors might snicker at the idea.

“I think they [the officers] would probably laugh if I said I would love to do that but I had an amazing time with them,” he said.

Despite all the prep, the film’s low budget schedule would prove to be the most challenging of the actor’s career.

“[The film] was shot in 22 days which is the shortest movie I have ever done,” he said on the carpet. “All the preparation … was like getting ready for game time because we knew we only had a short period of time to film.”

End of Watch opens in theaters on September 21.