Jaime Foxx and Kanye Are Suri's 'Uncles'

May 1, 2006 By:
Jaime Foxx and Kanye Are Suri's 'Uncles'

Good ol' Tom Cruise never fails to surprise us. Its been reported that Cruise is making Jamie Foxx And Kanye West his daughter Suri's "honorary uncles"

Cruise became close to Foxx after they starred together in "Collateral". He became friends with West after he and Foxx collaborated on the track "Golddigger".

The crazy star revealed at the London premiere of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, "Jamie Foxx is going to be uncle. I asked him today and he's accepted. He's an amazing guy. And when I get back to the States I'm gonna ask Kanye West."

And when Tom Cruise gets back to reality, he's going to realize that we think he's a raving lunatic.