Everyone Is Basic Compared to Jaden Smith

June 12, 2014 By:
Everyone Is Basic Compared to Jaden Smith
Image By: YouTube / Vanity Fair

We all know by now that Jaden Smith is a god-teen walking around Hollywood surrounded by mere mortals.

But Jaden’s unbasicness just hit new levels today.

Jaden and his sister Willow were just named “Hollywood’s Next Wave” by Vanity Fair and to commemorate the occasion, Jaden, Willow and a bunch of other actors in the “Next Wave” were asked questions like “Do you text?” and “When did you last take a selfie?” You know, KEWL Qs 4 TEENZ!

Anyways, Jaden’s answers blew everyone out of the water and stomped all over the basics with his dopeness.

You’re welcome.