Jada Pinkett Pushed for Marc Anthony Love Scenes

August 24, 2011 By:
Jada Pinkett Pushed for Marc Anthony Love Scenes

I didn’t want to believe this, but the drama surrounding Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's marriage is just not looking good.

Rumors have been surfacing that Jada and her HawthoRNe costar, Marc Anthony, have been getting it on. That means banging, in case you needed clarification.

On the show, Jada plays the wife of Michael Vartan, who she is cheating on--with Marc Anthony. As well all know, Marc and Jennifer Lopez recently announced their divorce. Dear god, I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with it.

But In Touch Weekly is now claiming that in early August, Will was becoming suspicious that Jada and Marc were having an affair.

My first thought when I heard this story was—well, it wasn't so much a thought as it was just laughter. I mean, is Marc Anthony's penis made out of Nickel? Because apparently, it's a vagina magnet. There's certainly no other reasonable explanation for how he keeps getting laid.

But the story then continues that Smith secretly flew home from a shoot, reportedly found Jada and Marc in bed, and left the house crying. So sad!

Reps for both Will and Jada said on Tuesday that there was no truth to this story and that Jada has been completely faithful to Will. And a source tells TMZ that Marc did visit Jada's home, but it was in April, when he visited to check out a DVD.

Yeah, we've all used that line before. "Hey guy I have a huge crush on but don’t want to be too forward with—wanna come over and watch some DVDs?"

But my second thought on this whole thing is, don't Will and Jada have an open relationship? Though, I don’t know how those things work. I'm guessing it's limited to one-night stands and you don’t want to Eiffel Tower in your own bed.

These two have supposedly been living separate lives for months now. And while I just can't see this happening, check out the video of a love scene between Jada and Marc in HawthoRNe. They're going to have to change the name of the show to HawthoRNY.

Also, insiders close to the TNT show are addressing the rumors.

“There was a lot of Jada wanting to have love scenes with Marc Anthony,” a “HawthoRNe” source tells The Daily. “She definitely pushed for a story line that had Marc Anthony as a love interest. Never made sense to the network, but Jada pushed and they stopped pushing back.”

The sources add that Smith is involved heavily with the show, and he often rewrites and edits scripts. If that's true, I don’t see Marc's character lasting very long.

And another bad sign: before the couple's reps issued that statement yesterday, Entertainment Tonight asked them about the Anthony allegations and they gave a cryptic response before saying, "we are not commenting on whether they are separating or not.”