Jackie Chan and Other Celebrity Death Hoaxes in 2011

August 17, 2011 By:
Jackie Chan and Other Celebrity Death Hoaxes in 2011

Woohoo! I'm trending on Twitter! Oh, wait, no, I'm dead.

This morning subjected us to yet another celebrity death hoax. Tuesday night, both Facebook and Twitter were buzzing with the news of Jackie Chan's death. Again.

Good news, Chan is alive and well. Well, most likely. There's been no update to his Facebook or Twitter page since Tuesday, and his reps have not responded to the claims. Probably because they can't keep up with them. Chan was rumored to be dead back in March as well.

Chan is definitely not the first subject of celebrity death hoaxes. In fact, it's been a pretty busy year for them. Here are 10 celebs you might have thought died in 2011.

Hilary Duff: Reports of Hilary's death surfaced on August 11. She apparently fell off of a cliff at a golf course in New Zealand. Well, that's creative.

Justin Bieber: In January, "RIP Justin Bieber" was trending on Twitter. Twelve year old girls weren't that upset since they cancelled The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

Lindsay Lohan: Her career might have passed away, but Lindsay is very much alive! In July, Lohan's Wikipedia page was edited, saying she died at age 24. A fake Kim Kardashian Twitter account fueled the rumors. When someone takes the time to hack into your Wiki page and create a fake Twitter account just to spread a rumor about you, you know you're a mega star.

Will Smith: Back in May, rumors surfaced that Smith died in a car accident. Then it was a drug overdose. Then he also fell off a cliff while golfing in New Zealand. He must've been playing Hilary.

Charlie Sheen: In June, rumors of Sheen's death spread, claiming he died at home from cardiac arrest. Not only was it wrong, it was a way for hackers to spread a virus.

Avril Lavigne: Avril was the first celebrity death hoax of 2011. Global Associated News, the outlet that's usually responsible for celeb death hoaxes, reported: " Musician Avril Lavigne is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today -January 2, 2011." But the only one "reporting" it was them.

Jim Carrey: Thanks to Twitter, some of us thought Jim Carrey died on March 2nd, 2011. It was also a snowboarding accident.

Jaden Smith: He also died snowboarding! Does anyone actually still go snowboarding, anyway?

Hugh Hefner: Back in July, Hugh Hefner was also the victim of a celebrity death hoax. He's been the victim of these hoaxes for a while now, and that might just have something to do with the fact that this guy is older than dirt. At this point, I think he'll be banging bunnies forever.

Eddie Murphy: It's gotta suck when the first time you're in the news in years, it's because people think you're dead. After rumors spread that he died on August 8th, Murphy's rep confirmed the actor is still alive.