Jackass Goes Net

December 13, 2007 By:
Jackass Goes Net

The pranking daredevils of the "Jackass" movies are coming back to wreak havok on our screens, but this time, it'll be your computer screen.

Johnny Knoxville and his disciples are bypassing the theatres completely in the next installment of the Jackass movie. President of Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment Thomas Lesinski says, "When this idea first came up, it was clear that `Jackass' had a lot of potential on the Internet.

First of all, the demographics are just right. And, if you go on youtube today, you can see there are lots and lots of people doing stunts ... a lot of those people are just copying what the guys developed a long time ago."

Well you know what they say, mimicking is a form of flattery. In the meantime, MTV and Knoxville's Dickhouse Productions will re-launch jackassworld.com Feb. 9 as "the official home of all things jackass.