Jackass 3D Promises Poo in Your Face

October 15, 2010 By:
Jackass 3D Promises Poo in Your Face

Who doesn't love Jackass?! And even better... their latest movie is in 3D!

Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional friends are back on the big screen for some cringe worthy did-they-just-really-do-that stunts. We’ve seen these jackasses in action before, but why should you go out and see them in 3D?

Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margara gave us the scoop.

When asked why people love seeing them act like jackasses, Johnny told us, "I think they like us at the end of the day. They like the stunts but at the end of the day they like us. We give each other hell but we feel horrible about throwing 200 snakes on Bam."

As to why we should all go out and watch the movie this weekend, Bam said, "Its 3d and its hilarious. Also there is a lot poop, barf and pee going at your face."

So if you’re into poo in your face, check out Jackass in 3D in theaters now. In the meanwhile, you can watch our coverage after the jump!