Sharon Osbourne On Jack's MS Diagnosis: He's Doing Really Good

June 18, 2012 By:

A day after the news of her son Jack’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis was made public, a teary eyed, very visibly distraught Sharon Osbourne addresses the issue in the opening of today’s episode of The Talk.

Co-host Julie Chen opened the floor to Sharon who, assuming everyone was already in the know, chose to focus on the positive outpouring of love her family has received from their public.

“Jack will actually be here on Wednesday to talk about his diagnosis but um, he’s great, he’s doing really, really good and I want to thank everyone for all their texts and goodwill and love they send to us…”

Julie then made the MS announcement after praising Jack as an amazing and strong man. She then asked Sharon if there was anything else she wanted to add.

“Just thank you to everyone um, for all their good wishes it’s been amazing, um, but for Jack cause I really believe that vibes of prayer help.”

Sharon reeled it in at the end saying that, what she was doing at that moment wasn’t helping (crying), “cause I’m just feeling sorry for myself, and that is no good. So we have to think positive. And move on with the show we all love so much.”

The show must go on, and it did. Wednesday’s line-up that will include Jack and his mother discussing what’s next for him and his family will certainly be something to watch.

While we all have varying opinions on Sharon and her eccentric antics, it’s clear to everyone that she’s a dedicated parent who’s nothing short of crazy about her children.

We admire her strength dealing with her only son's recently discovered chronic disease. Hang in their Sharon, we’ll be sending you some good vibes.