J-Woww: I Love Guidos, Wieners, and Sweaty Sex

July 19, 2010 By:
J-Woww: I Love Guidos, Wieners, and Sweaty Sex

J-Woww is baring all in the August issue of Maxim. This girl isn’t afraid to let loose and strip down. We must say, it took us a couple takes to even realize it was her!

Being a star on the Jersey Shore, one would assume J-Woww (or Jenni Farley) prefers her juice heads to be from the Garden State. But she tells the mag, “The Long Island ones are good friends of mine and they’re more extreme in their guido-ness than Jersey ones. Sorry, Jersey!”

And believe it or not, she’s not into high-maintenance guys, like her housemates The Situation and Pauly D. “I get ready faster than most of the boys on the show,” she reveals. “Take pride in how you look, but never, ever take longer than me to get ready.”

And take notes, guys, because J-Woww is pretty serious when it comes to guys’ fashion. She says, “Number one is socks and sandals. Seriously, guys, knock that shit off. Number two, if you wear flip-flops, I don’t need that weird yellow toe sticking out. I don’t mind a semi-metrosexual, especially when it comes to keeping your toes and nails clean and trimmed.”

She also talks about her fave bikini style, lesbian crush, and how dirty she likes her sex. Check it out, and visit Maxim.com for more pics of Jersey Shore’s sexiest cast member!

Bikini: Ruche. It’s a lacy style of stitching. The ruche goes into the butt crack, so it gives you a bigger-looking ass. Hot!

Lesbian crush: Megan Fox gives me a tingle. I like her ’cause she knows she’s hot and she’s a bitch about it. I’d totally make out with her.

Sex: Hot and sweaty is the greatest with the right person. But if it’s the wrong person, ugggh, it’s disgusting. It’s like, OK, not working. Get away from me and shut the door behind you.