Ivana Trumps Husband Caught on Tape Cheating?

November 5, 2008 By:
Ivana Trumps Husband Caught on Tape Cheating?

While Ivana Trump's husband finds himself in some potentially hot water, she continues to remain in complete denial.

Reports surfaced yesterday that her new husband, Rossano Rubicondi, flat out cheated on her while he was competing on an Italian reality TV show taped in Honduras. The gossip is that Rossano slept with a young Italian model named Belen and supposedly it was all caught on camera.

In her upcoming Page Six Magazine column in this Sunday's paper, Ivana plans to say, "Nothing sexual happened. That I know for sure. Rossano is on his way back from Honduras. I'm not going to make any other comment until I speak to him. Then I'll make a decision about how to handle the situation."

Sounds like she's stalling until she can manage to get her hands on a copy of that supposedly scandalous tape. Once she sees it, Rossano will probably be packing his LV bags.