Ivana Trump Still Denying Breakup Rumors

November 24, 2008 By:
Ivana Trump Still Denying Breakup Rumors

We all heard the recent gossip that Ivana Trump's new marriage to Rossano Rubicondi was headed for divorce court.

The rumors swirled that her hubby was having a little too much fun in Honduras on the set of his reality TV show. One report even claimed that he had slept with a much younger woman out there.

Ivana has now come forward to say that the reports are
completely false. She told The NY Daily News: "My husband is in Honduras right now filming the Italian version of 'Survivor,' Everything's good! He actually lost 20 pounds while down there, so he's looking hot. Heeeello!"

It looks like we'll all learn the truth when he finally gets home from his
little vacation.