Its good to be an Olsen

February 14, 2006 By:
Its good to be an Olsen

What do you do when you’re rollin’ in dough before you’re even legally allowed to drink?? Make more money of course. The Olsen’s were just picked up by the luxury fashion house that is Bagley Mischka. The new advertising campaign, entitled “Modern Day Cinderella’s” will be the first time the stars will promote a brand outside their own impressive empire.

“Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen who are recognized worldwide as fashion trendsetters and tastemakers for an entire generation, will appear in Badgley Mischka brand’s upcoming advertisement campaign. The multimedia campaign will debut in April issues of Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Vanity Fair and others”

“America’s young style icons Ashley and Mary-Kate were chosen to reflect the younger, edgier and more sensual glamour that Bagley Mischka has incorporated into their latest collection” You go girls!

Oh and hey girls, since you belong to the Mischka house now, if you feel the need to recycle your Christian Louboutin collection, I’d be more than happy to take care of that for you…something to consider