Isaiah Washington Joins NO H8 Campaign

June 25, 2009 By:
Isaiah Washington Joins NO H8 Campaign

What a turnaround! Isaiah Washington has just joined the NO H8 campaign, which is an organization that supports gay marriage.

Over two years ago in 2006 Washington came under fire for using an anti-gay slur towards his Grey’s Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight, which resulted in his firing from the show. But it appears Isaiah has made a turnaround, and is now among the many celebs lending their name to the opposition of Prop 8.

The NO H8 campaign was launched by photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, and several celebrities have gotten on board, such as Aubrey O'Day and Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

On the set of Isaiah’s shoot for the campaign, he said he’s been misunderstood ever since the Grey's Anatomy’s incident.

He said, “I am who I am. I’m here because it’s the right thing to do. And unfortunately because of all of the brouhaha, this is my answer to those who think I believe or support the way they think.”

He went on to say, “What has been purported about me has nothing to do with who I am.”

It sounds like Isaiah is really trying to change the way he’s perceived, and we fully support it! Check out ET’s behind-the-scenes coverage of Isaiah’s shoot for the NO H8 campaign.