Isaiah Washington Facing Eviction

March 25, 2009 By:
Isaiah Washington Facing Eviction

Not all celebrities are above the current economic recession we’re in. Isaiah Washington has reportedly run into a little financial trouble, and is facing eviction!

According to Radar Online, Washington is five months behind in his rental payments, totaling $100,000. Washington’s landlord has filed papers asking him to pay up in three days, or evacuate the premises.

Washington lives at the Venice Beach house with his wife Jenisa. The property is worth nearly three and a half million dollars and is $20,000 a month to rent. Washington’s original lease agreement, which started in April of 2008, included an option to buy.

The property management company is requesting: “past-due rent of $100,000, reasonable attorney fees, forfeiture of the agreement, damages at the rate stated in item 11 [$3,333 per day] for each day the defendants remain in possession through entry of judgment.”

We know Isaiah isn’t doing much work these days, but he’s got to have some money from Grey’s, right? It’s a scary time when actors, who make a hell of a lot more money that normal people, can’t even pay their rent!