Inside the Us Weekly Party

April 27, 2006 By:
Inside the Us Weekly Party

And now for the juicy scoop from inside the party, here is a list of the celebs that made a cameo last night…

Jessica Alba, Michelle Transenberg, JC Chasez, Travis Barker, Nicky Hilton, (Who actually looked really great in a Louis Vuitton dress) Haylie Duff, Kim Stewart with her brother, Lisa Rina (who really needs to chill on the botox) Ryan Seacrest, Stacey Keibler, Jeremy Piven, Tyrese, Kelly Osbourne, Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra, Jennifer love Hewitt (she looked really cute in a new bob haircut) Kevin Connelly, Avril Lavigne (who wouldn’t be photographed with her fiancé but gladly took pics with a fan) Tori Spelling, Jamie Kennedy, Jamie King, etc.

We were excited to bump into our sexy friend Alen at the party whose seen here chatting with Nicky Hilton

Here are some pictures from inside the party

We wanted to thank Sam and Us Weekly for a fabulous night