Inside Star

March 16, 2006 By:
Inside Star

This week's star magazine has a story about Angelina Jolie's desperate
struggle to get back into shape after she gives birth. She is apparently
already making shocking plans to drop post baby pounds by having surgery. Sweetie have your baby first then worry about losing the weight!

Is Jordan Catalano coming back to TV? Close, according to Star magazine
Jared Leto may guest star in "Desperate Housewives". The hunky actor
will play Eva Longoria's new object of affection. Jared would play a
grocery store clerk who gets Eva's characters husband sent back to jail,
leaving her free to pounce on her paramour.

Denise Richards tells Charlie Sheen to take gambler's anonymous classes
or else he wont see his children.

Is Demi Moore pregnant? Who cares!

And Britney Spears is miserable and feels trapped! Awww poor baby!