Inside 'Sex and the City 2' With Entertainment Weekly

May 13, 2010 By:
Inside 'Sex and the City 2' With Entertainment Weekly

The ladies are back! Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back and better than better--in couture! The ladies grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly and give us the scoop on what went down behind the scenes. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Sarah Jessica Parker on being dressed up on a camel: "Kim and I had this camel that without any warning would just sit down whenever he wanted. And we were dressed like lunatics!" Parker says. "Designer couture on camels. And I mean Couture. I had some vintage Dior pieces from the couture archives on a camel."

Chris Noth (Mr. Big) on being upset he missed out on Morocco: "I had [the series finale in] Paris, but I was still really f---ing pissed! Corbett gets to go? I said, 'If there's another one, Carrie and Big are going on a worldwide f---ing tour because we need to spruce things up before her first baby or something.' I don't know I'm making it up."

John Corbett (Aidan) on making Mr. Big jealous: "I love it, because I was ultra-jealous of those guys when they got to be in the first movie. I called Noth on his birthday while I was there. I passed the phone around. I couldn't wait to rub it in, because he was really bummed out that he couldn't come. I like creating jealousy."

John Corbett on keeping his cameo a secret: "I couldn't believe that I got to go there and the paparazzi never caught me," says the actor. "The whole time we were there, one guy got a shot off, but I had a little bag I was carrying and I got it up in front of my face. That was the only photo - a big, tall guy with a bag in front of his face."

Director Michael Patrick King on why he choose an exotic five-star vacation for the sequel: "We were in the middle of an economic downturn, and I realized that during the Great Depression, the movies' job was to go to a bit of an escapist's bend," says King, who took over as show-runner on the HBO series after creator Darren Star stepped down in 2000. "So I thought, let's take everybody on a big, fun trip. Because I don't think people want to see Carrie Bradshaw selling apples under the bridge."