Christopher Nolan Couldn't Have Dreamt Up a Better Opening for 'Inception'

July 19, 2010 By:
Christopher Nolan Couldn't Have Dreamt Up a Better Opening for 'Inception'

Anyone that went to the theatres and watched Christopher Nolan’s ‘ Inception’ over the weekend was left fascinated by the movie. That’s probably why it took the #1 spot at the theatres by raking in $60.4 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the sci-fi thriller and when Hollyscoop spoke to him about what attracted him to the film, he told us: “I chose this role because Chris Nolan is a visionary and he has been able to pull off incredibly complicated plot structures in the past with films like Insomnia and Momento and this is the great highbred of everything he has learned with “Dark Knight.”

He went on to praise Nolan saying, “This is going to be a tour de Force with him as far as directing goes. He has combined everything in one. People are going to be blown away.”

Twitter world was buzzing over ‘Inception’ all weekend. Below are some comments Hollyscoop fans left on Twitter after watching the movie.

melowens says: ‘Inception’ enraptures a true Hollywood film:questions, excitement and most of all 148 mins of GREAT ENTERTAINMENT & some Leo D

TeDeeBeee says: If Christopher Nolan asked me to be his baby mamma, I totally would. That's how much I loved Inception.

Box office report:

1- Inception --$60,400,000

2 - Despicable Me --$32,734,000

3 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice -- $17,373,000

4 -The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- $13,500,000

5 -Toy Story 3 --$11,742,000

6 -Grown Ups -- $10,000,000

7 - The Last Airbender -- $7,450,000

8 -Predators-- $6,800,000

9 -Knight and Day -- $3,700,000

10 -The Karate Kid -- $2,200,000