Movie Review: "In Bruges"

February 19, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Martin McDonagh, winner of the 2006 Oscar for Best Short Film, Live
Action for his film "Six Shooter" is back with his first written and
directed feature film "In Bruges." Strong pervasive language, even more
brutal violence, and non-stop racial jokes throughout, "In Bruges,"
though humorous, might not be a top choice for most moviegoers. A very
dark comedy, with powerful performances by all it's actors, the films
lack of caring for everyone and everything in it make it rather
enjoyable... In a sick and twisted sort of way!

A well kept medieval city in the midst of Belgium called Bruges, is the
destination for two hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan
Gleeson) to hide and await further instructions after a difficult job.
Ray, realizing he has to stay "In Bruges" for two whole weeks with Ken
and wait for a phone call from their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) slowly
starts to lose his mind. Bored to death, and always complaining that he
would rather be anywhere in the world but "In Bruges" Ray realizes that
there is nothing he can do but attempt to enjoy Bruges for what it is.
As Ken does what every tourist would do -sight see- Ray follows along
unwillingly, causing a fuss and throwing a temper everywhere they go.
Haunted by what happened back in London, Ray leans towards -and jokes-
about suicide, while Ken enjoys the beauties that Bruges has to offer.
As the days pass, and the phone call has still not been made, both Ray
and Ken have to find ways to amuse themselves at night. From Pubs, to
locals, to art, to an American dwarf actor shooting a European film, to
Dutch prostitutes, to a love interest for Ray, all hell slowly starts
to break loose "In Bruges." And all of that is even before Harry's
phone call, which ultimately leads Harry to Bruges is search of Ray and
Ken. Now, this trip to Bruges, could very well be Ray and Ken's final

So vulgar in so many ways, "In Bruges" is definitely difficult to
watch. However, if your stomach can muster all this film has to offer,
I recommend it. The finale is intense. The last ten minutes of the
movie is vigorous yet heartwarming, in a strange sort of way. The
characters reel you in with ease. Before you know it, you are cheering
for hit men, murderers, prostitutes, and everyone else that this movie
criticizes without thinking twice about it. "In Bruges" was way better
that I thought it would be. Very fun to watch, very hard to take your
eyes off the screen, -no matter how many times you want to- and almost
impossible not to laugh.

Pat the Movie Critic gives "In Bruges" --- 3 Scoops.