Sienna Miller Pisses off Pitssburgh residents

October 12, 2006 By:
Sienna Miller Pisses off Pitssburgh residents

Sienna Miller keeps on digging that hole she’s made for herself deeper and deeper. The Pittsburgh residents have had enough and want to throw Sienna in that hole. Sienna who is in Pennsylvania shooting "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh " recently pissed a lot of people off by calling Pittsburgh "Shittsburgh" in an interview.

Although the British starlet apologized for her comment she threw a fit Saturday night at a local bar Penny Folino 's Young's Tavern. Sienna was denied a vodka and tonic because she didn’t have a valid ID.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Sienna ripped off her hat and said:'I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!'. Miller upset over the situation stewed outside for 30 minutes.

Bouncer Dan Kovacs said, "She was going crazy out there, stomping her feet". Folino said: "No ID, no entry - I'm sorry, we can't bend the rules for anybody".

Now residents are upset and are passing out fliers, which read.

Sienna Miller movie production in Pittsburgh $3.5 million

Court Fees for slandering Pittsburgh $200 & public apology

Sienna Miller turned down at Folino's Tavern PRICELESS

I have to admit this is hilarious! Got to love the pride in Pittsburgh, they just don’t give a sh*&tsburg!