Nora's NYC Diary

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I wanted to give y’all a glimpse of what my weekend was like because it was definitely the coolest times I have spent in New York City so far. The weather was just incredible and it was actually the first time that I have been in NY with warm weather. It all began Saturday afternoon with shopping on 5th Avenue (fine it was just window shopping), then we managed to stop at Patsy’s for some really good pizza. Someone recommended the place and I have to admit it was one of the best pizzas I have had in NY so far. Another thing to order are the fried eggplant and zucchini strips. Trust me you will thank me for this later. After some shopping we returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Koi. I know I had originally mentioned Tao, but there was some mix up so we ended up at my favorite sushi place Koi, to eat their yummy food. After a very filling dinner we hit some local bars at called it a night.

Sunday consisted of more shopping obviously and more good food obviously. Later on in the night we decided to go to the Meat Packing District and visit the Hotel Gansevoort, which happens to be Hollyscoop’s preferred hotel in NYC. It is in the prime area with beautiful people all around. Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by beautiful people? I sure do! We went to One which is a club next to the Gansevoort and the doormen was a doll because he seemed to be giving others a hard time but opened those lovely velvet ropes when we walked by. I definitely love that feeling! The DJ was great because he did not limit himself to one kind of music. He played everything from rock, hip-hop, reggaeton (Which I Love!). After sipping some champagne and dancing to the music we decided to call it a night. After all we did have a long day ahead of us.

Monday was Memorial Day and we decided to celebrate by going to Soho. Note that I had a first time NY visitor with me so it was very exciting to see him admire the uniqueness of the city. He said NY reminded him of Europe. Unfortunately, I have never been to Europe so I had no clue what he was talking about, but I just nodded and agreed to not look like an idiot. We then decided to have lunch at Cipriani because I had heard so much about the place. Come on if Mariah Carey and P-Diddy could eat there so can I! Everyone in that restaurant was Hot, Rich and Model Type, and then there was us, trying to fit in. I have to say I did play it off really well even with my 25.99 H&M dress. I tell you people it’s not about how expensive your clothing is, it’s all about how you present yourself. Soho was the highlight of my trip because I got to shop at all the lovely boutiques and I got to see all the beautiful people dressed so nicely roaming in the streets of NY. All of these people seem to go into hiding when the weather is cold because I had not seen any of them when I was here in the wintertime.

I know I just gave you guys a lot to absorb, but if you are going to take anything away from this article please take away the restaurants, hotels, hot spots and shopping areas. You will thank me if you are ever a first time NY visitor.

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