Ian Somerhalder Smolders Like No One Else Smolders

February 14, 2014 By:
Ian Somerhalder Smolders Like No One Else Smolders

Ian Somerhalder’s visage is one smoldering sight. He’s got the expression down to a science and it’s basically the yardstick by which we measure all other smolders.


Here’s Ian Somerhalder setting the bar for smoldering.


It can only go up from here.


Waaaay up.


Or actually down.

Because he’s lying on the ground.


Watch him go from smoldering at a bedpost...


To smoldering right back at you.

So versatile!


Just when you think he’s not going to smolder…


He smolders.


When he smolders, not even he can help not touching himself.


OH GAWD an ovary just exploded.

Because dat CAT.


Spread that smoldering gaze across the world, Ian.


He frowns those eyebrows at a perfect 45-degree angle.


Not even THIS CAT can resist his smolder.


Whether he smolders in black and white,


Or he smolders in color,


He's got the entire spectrum of smoldering on lock.


Smoldering a hole through your computer screen.





Smolder on, Somerhalder.

Smolder on.