Tiffany "New York" Pollard Gets Another Reality Show

March 27, 2009 By:

Tiffany Pollard is best known for her reality show I Love New York on VH1, and now she’s returning to the network with a brand new series called New York Goes To Work.

In her new show, New York will be tackling the corporate world by trying to find a job. There are thousands of people without work right now, and we guess she’s trying to connect with the average American with this new gig.

She didn’t exactly succeed at her last gig, New York Goes To Hollywood, in which she was trying to make it as an actress. So why not take on the real world!?

Here’s how the new show will work: Each week America will choose from a list of three possible job opportunities and vote via their mobile phones by texting which job they would like to see Tiffany try.

Will she be a Cal Trans sewer worker, a mortuary beautician, or a fast food employee? It will be up to you. And don’t think it will be easy for Tiffany. She’ll be worked, in all aspects of the job! If she can impress her new employers, she’ll receive a $5,000 bonus each week. But, if she quits, fails, or gets fired, she’ll get nothing.

$5000 a week? Not a bad gig! But based on her failure in Hollywood, we don’t have high hopes for New York in the corporate world. Tune in and text in your votes for New York’s potential jobs on May 4th at 10PM!